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In the Business of Saving Lives


Safe Life Is a Leading Group of Companies Specializing in AEDs and First Aid Services.

We are driven by an unwavering commitment to make a change. We actively seek passionate visionaries, entrepreneurs and committed management teams, partnering with them to ignite their full potential. Our dedication goes beyond mere commerce; it is about creating a lasting legacy where each life-saving device deployed represents a step toward a safer world. Together, we aspire to have a profound and positive influence on society, leaving a lasting imprint on the path toward a more secure and safer future.
Welcome to Safe Life.


+300,000 AEDs

Together, we have distributed more than 300,000 defibrillators, and we have just started.


9 Countries

Safe Life consists of more than 20 leading companies spread across 9 geographical markets.


+250 Employees

Over 250 employees work together to create a safer environment in the case of sudden cardiac arrests.

The Group Is Currently Expanding Rapidly after a Successful Proof of Concept Phase in Sweden and Europe.


Partnerships Rooted in Collaboration

Rather than viewing each company as a sole investment, we forge partnerships rooted in collaboration. It is a synergistic partnership where we team up with entrepreneurs allowing them to maintain leadership roles within their companies while we work together to spur growth.


Saving Lives at Scale

We harness the power of technology to continuously develop and enhance our companies, making them inherently more scalable. By merging cutting-edge tools and fostering knowledge exchange within the group, we capitalize on regional expertise, paving the way for a recipe of success. This approach ensures adaptability and growth, making us leaders in the industry and saving lives at scale.


Sustainable, Long-Lasting Performance

Our core objective is to integrate financial prosperity with a commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of both the planet and society at large. Through the collaborative sharing and advancement of best practices within our group, our primary focus lies in optimizing efficiency. Simultaneously, we actively explore innovative approaches to minimize our environmental impact.

We Have Accomplished a Lot, but There Is More to Come. Here Are a Few of Our Proudest Moments Thus Far:


Founded in Sweden

The founders of Safe Life recognized a chance to unify the fragmented AED and first aid market, transforming their vision into reality. Their strategy was straightforward: pursue strategic acquisitions, foster collaboration within the group, and, by extension, strive to save as many lives as possible. This initial approach continues to guide Safe Life's efforts today.


Growing into a Nordic Leader

Safe Life partners with long-term reputable investors. After successfully consolidating its position in the Swedish market, the group is expanding to become a Nordic company.


European Expansion

Following a prosperous expansion in Sweden and the Nordics, Safe Life has validated its concept. The group is swiftly expanding, solidifying its position as a formidable European player in the life-saving industry.


Crossing an Important Milestone

Safe Life is making its entry into North America through acquisitions in Canada. This strategic move marks a significant expansion for the company, allowing it to establish a foundation for future growth in North America.


Safe Life Enters the US Market

By acquiring one of the leading provider of AEDs in the US, Safe Life solidifies its position as a top player in the AED industry in Europe and North America. This strategic move expands Safe Life's global presence, emphasizing its commitment to providing impactful life-saving solutions.


Further Strengthens the Investor Base and Human Capital

With a proven track-record of acquiring companies with a decentralized approach, Safe Life has received investments from a long-term capital base to continue to consolidate the market. Safe Life has also been able to attract some of the most talented people both from and outside the industry to further improve our processes.


Our Growth Philosophy:


Active Value-Creating Ownership

Our growth strategy revolves around organic expansion. We proactively collaborate with all our subsidiaries, sharing best practices, applying our extensive industry know-how, and refining each subsidiary's business model. This allows Safe Life to expand its market share within an already rapidly growing industry.


Synergistic Acquisitions

Our strategy centers on acquiring and nurturing top-performing businesses in the AED and first aid niche. Our dual aim is to ensure sustained long-term growth while making a meaningful societal impact through saving lives. We carefully select companies that resonate with our organizational culture, emphasizing alignment with our mission and values.


Letting Entrepreneurs Be Entrepreneurs

We foster an environment where entrepreneurs are not just leaders but also active participants in a collaborative ecosystem. By embracing a decentralized and self-governed approach, we enable these innovators to steer their companies with autonomy and creativity, promoting a culture of innovation and adaptability. Through strategic collaboration, we harness the collective expertise and strengths of our diverse portfolio, driving sustainable growth and fostering long-term success for each partner company within our group.